the skies are your hunting ground

by auto-auto

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released February 8, 2013

elliott berlin
erik frankel
johan hellqvist


all rights reserved



auto-auto Gothenburg, Sweden

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Track Name: weekender

All slaves and their masters,
Kids hang from the rafters
But someday there´ll be hell to pay

I had a feeling you were watching us last night
like you were giving us a judgement based on how
The way we do, the merry group, let of some steam
it´s all a dance, a part of the machine.
You got a lot of nerve looking down on me

Cause everytime our eyes lock your´re ”all winks and smiles”,
and evertime we look away you´re glares and frowns.
I´m not saying that we have to be best friends
your high strung and we´re just to unwound
you got a lot of nerve looking down on me


In the middle of the dancefloor a trap is sprung
The Zone is crowded, heroes left unsung.
Villains we might be, but at least we´re fun.
Please just leave it, we´ll soon be gone.
Uneducated guesses will get you in trouble
you should step right in
to the middle of the dancefloor,
Where traps are sprung and ledgends born
We´ll soon be gone


I had a feeling you were watching us tonight
like you were giving us a judgement based on how
much you envy the simplicity
of our ”just-let-go” mentality.
We got a lot of nerve being this free.

Track Name: opportunities lost

Inside: Growing up not listening to the opposition, incestous.
Outside: Taking care of business. Making rash decisions...careless!
Now, ”opportunities lost” and ”opportunities gained” makes no difference to us, we´re not a part of their game.
Inside we´re all the same.

We lost the holy ghost long ago
but we still will keep up the show.
We know the ones below will take us where we want to go.

In time you will learn to listen
true anachronisms do prevail.
So blind, the whole institution is
”spare the rod, spoil the child.”

Track Name: the skies are your hunting ground
The Skies Are Your Hunting Ground

You´re being followed
-”is there a way out through here.”
-”Is the air duct to small to crawl through?”
Is your dress camouflage?
Is your make up made up?
Is your James Bond-fetisch called Bondadge?

The powers at be is going to bury us again.
The infamy, baby you´re a ”perfect ten” again, my friend.

Sneak over rooftops
protect the secrets you´ve been told
Is your mission impossible?

Track Name: the wish
The Wish

Stainless, clean and fully grown.
Cool and calm? I know i´m never going to be it.
Straight faced, straight-up basket case.
I get praised, but i´m to stupid to preceive it.
(i dug a hole to see the stars, i dug a hole)
No Mas! No mas i say!
I cant take it anymore.

Hide it all in a hole ´til it explodes
and i hurt someone i did not mean to.
(i dug a hole to see the stars, i dug a hole)
Willful, vengefull and hatefull still.
I could kill, but i´m to lazy just to deal with it.
No mas! No mas i say.
No more tiptoeing around.
Get them feet on solid ground,
not your clown and not your dog.
Get this mind to close around something sound
and something that i can belive in.
Track Name: yellow streak
Yellow streak

Slowly walking to the beat of the drum.
Knowing where you been and where you´re coming from.

Always you against the scum.

You got to cradle me, hold me.
You got to love me, spoil me.
You got to care for me and let me sleep in your loving arms.
I might be bitter and lonely
but now at least i know me
and then at least one person keeps me warm.

Give us a chance to learn to stand.
Give us a fighting chance.

Always you against the scum.


The universe enfolds me,
Cradles me and holds me
as i let go of the things that made me weak.
Bitter and lonely, but now at least i know me
and i lost you when i lost my ”yellow streak”.


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